It's Back to School! Time to Focus on Test Preparation

Marin County Schools are opening this week, which means it's time once again time to start thinking about test preparation. Are your middle school and high school students ready? The September test dates for SAT, SSAT, ACT, HSPT and SAT2 prep are right around the corner.

Since we know how anxious big tests can make children, we wanted to share some tips on how you can help to make test day a little easier on them.

4 Tips to Make Test Days Less Stressful

  1. Be Positive - Your attitude about test day can go a long way with your child. If they're worried, smile and tell them that you understand their concern, and then reassure them that you are confident in their abilities. It can be helpful to remind them of instances in the past when they've been concerned about something only to have it turn out well.
  2. Teach Strategy - Doing well on tests isn't all about knowing the right answers. Sometimes it takes strategy. For example, it's really important to read test directions well before diving in and answering questions. You can work with your child by having them practice reading directions, and then testing their ability to understand them. You can also teach them some strategies to follow when they don't know the right answer such as how to eliminate wrong answers.
  3. Prepare the Night Before - The night before a big test, encourage your children to go to bed early. Also, to make the morning go smoother, have them pack up their bags and pick out their clothes ahead of time. Comfortable clothes are recommended.
  4. Provide a Healthy Breakfast - If you can, take a little extra time and effort the morning of test day to feed your children a nutritious breakfast. 

Does Your Child Need Additional Help with Test Preparation?

Our test preparation tutors specialize in every part of the standardized tests: math, verbal and the essay writing section. We have helped students increase scores by 50 to 300 points. Contact us today and ask about our test preparation packages, which include 6-8 sessions at lower rates.