Does Your Student Have Test Anxiety About Their Upcoming SAT or ACT Tests?

Is your child experiencing test anxiety due to their upcoming SAT or ACT test? If so, their anxiety is perfectly normal, according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (AADA).

Signs that your child has test anxiety can range from physical symptoms like headaches and nausea, to emotional symptoms such as anger and fear, to cognitive symptoms like having negative thoughts or trouble concentrating, according to the ADAA.

Why Is My Child Having Test Anxiety?


Some of the main reasons for test anxiety, says the ADAA, are a fear of not performing well or failing, not feeling like they are properly prepared for the upcoming test, or a prior experience of not doing well on standardized tests.

Tips for Relieving Test Anxiety

Based on the causes of test anxiety, it’s pretty obvious that one of the main ways to alleviate it is to help your child be as prepared for their upcoming test as possible. Here are seven practical ways you can do to help them feel confident and ready for their upcoming test:


  1. 1Help your child to set up a clean, clutter-free space where they can concentrate and really focus on their school work.

  2. Work with your child to help them develop good study habits. And ensure they begin their test preparation early by studying in small increments of time over a longer period rather than cramming last-minute.

  3. Keep a positive attitude and let your child know that you have confidence in their ability to do well on their upcoming test. But at the same time, emphasize that you love them no matter how well they do on the test.

  4. Work with your child to develop some stress-relief techniques that they can use while taking the test like deep breathing and muscle relaxation exercises.

  5. Spend time with your child researching their upcoming test so they know what to expect. The more they know about the test—such as the format, time allowed for each section and so on—the less intimidating it will seem.

  6. If the test isn’t given at your child’s school, visit the test location with them so you know where it is and exactly where you need to go on test day.

  7. Get your student extra help if they need it to feel prepared for their upcoming test. This can be through a school program or a private tutoring service like Marin Tutors.

How Marin Tutors Can Help

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