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Math Made Easy in San Francisco, CA

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

Many students fear math in middle school and high school. With the curriculum leveling up and midterms and math tests around the corner, it is a great time to work with a tutor to increase confidence and build math skills. Teachers did their best with what they had during the pandemic, but many students are still needing to fill in the gaps. Some students learn in a kinesthetic way and others learn best in a visual or auditory manner. Having the math concepts, formulas and strategies presented in a way that best fits the student can really help over time by locking material into long term memory. Math is a building block of each level to the next. Starting as early as 2nd grade, it is important to build multiplication skills, patterns, and number sense. In sixth grade, kids are already doing greatest common factor and least common multiple. Decimals and fractions often start in early middle school and can haunt kids through the end of high school and into college years (and beyond). With the SSAT, HSPT, SAT and ACT tests in full swing, it is helpful to learn test taking strategies to increase scores. Math tutors in San Francisco, CA, Mill Valley, CA and Tiburon can help middle school and high school students succeed in test preparation skills, on math tests and in all academic subjects.

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