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Why Students Have A Tutor

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

What are some reasons students need a tutor? 

• to get “readiness” skills for the next grade level or a new subject—review basics to get off to a great 

• build skills in a specific subject area

• improve study skills

• catch-up and/or fill in gaps in learning

• go deeper in a subject which a student is finding boring/too easy —extra challenge can be very motivating

• a quiet one-on-one learning environment 

• individualized learning approaches and methods other than those being used in the general classroom 

• behind due to physical or mental health issues, family/home issues, grief or other emotional issues

• special needs (physical, emotional, behavioral, intellectual, etc.)

• test anxiety

• build a basis for future learning skills 

A private tutor can help students overcome many difficulties and challenges. Personalized tutoring in your home or the library can improve confidence and study skills. Online tutoring is also effective in improving skills for all subject areas , especially math and science. 

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