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I started Marin Tutors 25 years ago and love what we do! My background is a degree in economics and minor in education from UC Berkeley and a masters from Boston College in school counseling for grades 5-12. We tutor students from kindergarten through middle school, high school and college levels in math, writing skills, sciences, foreign languages, economics, chemistry, biology, AP calculus, geometry, algebra and more. There is no greater reward than to help a struggling student and then witness that student become an academic juggernaut! Our tutors graduated from top universities and have 5-25 years of teaching and tutoring experience. They share my passion for giving all children the tools they need to succeed. Our tutors not only help with homework, but also develop curriculum, lesson plans and design home school programs. Have you ever wondered how students drastically improve their math, reading comprehension, science or writing skills in just one summer? Our tutors provide writing, reading, science and math workshops for individuals or groups of students. They teach study skills, time management, organizational skills and note taking skills. The best tutors have proactive, upbeat personalities and strive to establish a positive rapport with each student so that the student looks forward to seeing them again and again. Some have taught math, chemistry, fourth grade science, 7th grade English, physics or Spanish in the classroom for many years. Others were top of the class in their field of study in college. Our college grad. and college age tutors come from UCLA, Cal Berkeley, Harvard, University of Michigan, LMU, UC Davis, USC, Yale, University of Colorado, Boulder, University of Virginia, Wisconsin, Northwestern and more. I enjoy finding and matching math, English, science, foreign language and Mandarin tutors who have winning personalities, academic coaching skills and stellar math skills. It especially helps if a tutor knows how to gain a child's trust and rapport. These one of a kind tutors also get results!

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