What We Teach

Our professional staff tutors students in Marin County in a wide range of core subjects, plus many foreign languages, time management, standardized test preparation and college admission planning.

We also tutor students who are home schooled or enrolled in other independent study programs, as well as those who are in gifted or remediation programs.


K-8, Algebra I and II, Geometry, Honors Geometry, Pre-calculus, Honors Pre-Calculus, AP Calculus, Statistics, AP Statistics



K-8, AP Chemistry, AP Physics, Chemistry, Physics, Integrated science and Biology.


Standardized Test Preparation



Time Management

Organizational skills, setting priorities, improving memory skills and handling pressure.



Language Arts, grammar, essay writing skills, phonics and the college essay.


Foreign Languages

Spanish, French, Italian, Hebrew, Mandarin, AP Spanish, AP French


College Admission Planning

School selection and the college application process.


Home Schooling Curriculums

science, social studies, math, English, Spanish, Italian, outdoor education and physical education programs for K-12 home schoolers


Individualized Tutoring

Focus on remediation and strategies in all general subjects and/or supplemental review tailored to students’ needs. Tutors have expertise in a wide range of subject areas and specialize in learning differences.