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Summer is the best time to have a weekly tutor who can teach academic skills and test preparation. The start to the new fall school year is only 7 weeks away. One to one or group tutoring sessions in K-12 math, writing skills, SSAT prep., SAT and ACT prep, reading comprehension, grammar, spelling or foreign language can help prepare students for the new grade level and build confidence.

Many parents enjoy having us organize and teach small groups of pods of K-8 students over the summer for rapport and social interaction. Example many parents of children who are ahead in math often think about their kids passing into a more most challenging math level. At the seventh grade level, our math tutors teach math skills to a group of 7th graders or one on one to help students pass into algebra or geometry in eighth or ninth grade. This step in middle school sets the stage for future college applications. By the time students are a senior, most colleges would like to see Calculus on their record for majors such as business, STEM, economics, biology , engineering and computer science. It is only possible to do if they take geometry as a freshman.

Summer is a good time for students with learning disabilities to catch up as well. Tutors who are trained in executive function skills, ADD or dyslexia can help increase reading or math levels. Ask us about our Lindamood Bell trained tutors as well as our math teachers who have 20 years of experience teaching in the classrooms. These role models can make a difference in your child’s life.


A summer in-person tutor who focuses on a review of math and writing skills can bridge the gap for students so that going back to school is less of a chore and more exciting knowing they are a couple of steps ahead. During the summer our tutors bring in a curriculum to review skills from the previous school year and prepare students for what lies ahead in the upcoming school year. Our tutors make the learning process fun and engaging, bringing in-color workbooks and whiteboards as well as multi sensory aids so the students look forward to learning. For high school students, our tutors focus on summer courses such as algebra, geometry, algebra two and pre-calc. to prepare students for the next math level. Colleges often prefer to see students advancing in math levels for majors such as business and STEM so many students like to catch up in extra math tutoring or coursework over the summer. Call us for recommendations for online or in person math, science, foreign language or English course help. (415) 378-3324

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