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Best Of Luck On Exams !!!

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

With final exams two weeks away, we’d like to offer some important hints for studying:

Make outlines and use notecards:Make an outline and a study guide . Use notecards when pertinent to studying and memorizing facts. Ask questions:Your teachers and tutors are there to help! Make a list of questions regarding the material and the exam before the tutoring session . Do a review session with a tutor:In-person or virtually, review sessions offer vital information you want to know about. Including exam format, important topics, and key concepts you should be focusing your studies . Mark your calendar Know your final exam schedule, and you’ll never be cramming the night before an examTake breaksYou won’t be able to memorize or comprehend all the material at once so allow yourself breaks.Stay well-restedThere’s a lot to be said about a good night’s sleep. Make sure you’re well-rested so that you can be fully focused during your exams. Create a study schedule - and follow it.Splitting the material into chunks can be helpful. Best of luck on exams!

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