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Hybrid learning

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

Hybrid learning is an environment that allows for maximum flexibility between online and in-person instruction; consequently tutoring may benefit this system . There may be some days when a school’s physical campus must be closed and others where campus is open. Some students may primarily receive in-person instruction, while others receive most of their instruction online. There will likely always be a need for in-person or online tutoring for elementary, middle school and high school students as students navigate this process . 

A good tutor is responsive to the learning needs, capacities, and aspirations of each student. 

A hybrid learning program serves the actual students in each class, regardless of modality and tutors can help them with organizing short and long term assignments as well as study for tests in math, science and English .  In these changing times, tutors should be familiar with online technology such as Zoom , Google classroom and Google docs to help students seamlessly understand and organize their schoolwork. Some kids and tutors are now having fun using Google Meets. Each student may have individual learning styles, differences or challenges. Experienced and adept tutors can build confidence and help students increase their skills. Marin Tutors is one example of a small business that provides in person tutoring, pod teachers and distance-learning facilitators to help students of every age from K through 12 and college levels succeed during academic challenges for the fall school year. Some of the subjects tutors specialize in are math, algebra, geometry, chemistry, biology, science, statistics, writing skills, foreign languages, history and test preparation including ACT, SAT and SSAT tutoring. In person tutoring can help bridge the gap so that students are more successful academically and in executive functioning.

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