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Math and English Tutoring

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

As the school year is now underway, it is prime time to schedule an experienced math or English and writing skills tutor for K-12 students to improve grades and confidence. Our tutors not only help with homework but also teach relevant curriculum in math, K-12 writing skills, algebra, geometry, pre-algebra, advanced algebra, pre-calculus and AP Calculus. Often times kids think just doing the homework is all they need to do well on tests. They don't take the time to quiz themselves, create study guides, review key topics and take the proper steps ahead of time to prepare for tests. A good tutor can organize a plan to study and master the concepts needed to do well on the next exam. A great math tutor has all of the tricks and tips to make things like learning algebra steps an easy and fun experience. Tutors help kids gain confidence and learn to love math. A tutor can teach the steps, study skills and time management techniques to help kids break study time into chunks three days before a quiz which as a result can lock the material into long term memory.

Writing skills tutors often teach high school students about the pre-writing process, cognitive mapping, mind maps, organizing and structuring paragraphs, creating topic sentences, adding supporting details, and writing strong thesis statements and conclusions. For elementary and middle school students, a skilled writing tutor can help with handwriting, grammar, spelling, sentence structure, punctuation and making outlines. The pre-writing process can be a powerful tool in writing concise and meaningful paragraphs and essays. In summary, having a skilled English or math tutor can benefit students not only by increasing grades on tests, but also by providing the study skills and time management skills needed throughout middle school and high school as well as college and in careers.

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