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Success Through Early Years, High School and Beyond

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

Have you always dreamed that your child would begin to enjoy learning math, but a love of math just seems so far away and hasn't become a reality? A tutor who uses visual aids, different ways of presenting math with less stress and provides simple ways of learning seemingly difficult material can help your student learn to love math again. Math does not have to be a chore. Having a private tutor can be an exciting part of your child's life by building a strong rapport and connection with students. It may seem frivolous to have to follow the common core and understand state standards, but nowadays these are what sets the stage for the following math level.

The early elementary and middle school years are all building blocks to later classes such as algebra, geometry, pre-calculus and the ACT. SAT and ACT expectations and requirements have changed in the eyes of colleges. Even the SSAT, HSPT, and ISEE are all necessary to show the high schools how well a student is prepared for the rigor of high school in math and verbal skills. Test optional is now widely used by students trying to gain admission to top colleges. But did you know that many colleges still look for students to submit scores, especially a good one to set themselves apart. Submitting the high score can make the difference by setting you apart in the pile of apps sent in by top students who submitted their scores. If your student submits that 1470, it could set him or her apart and lead to an acceptance more swiftly and easily. If your child has a learning difference, or is not a strong test taker, we can help them improve their math skills in other ways besides test prep. focus. Test optional can still be the way to go for many kids of various backgrounds and interests or talents. By encouraging your child to enjoy math now, it can set the stage for many successful math classes in later school years, college and beyond. Math tutoring leads to confidence and better self-esteem for kids too.

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