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With The Right Tutor, Students Will Benefit Throughout Years To Come From Simple Learning Strategies

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

Time management skills are an important piece to doing well in school, especially as final exams approach. Keeping track of short and long-term assignments on a daily calendar and checking school websites for upcoming assignments can improve student’s confidence and grades. Executive function and organization skills can be taught at any grade level.

Math, science and English courses can be improved with an executive skills tutor who teaches organizational skills, project planning, and study techniques.

Our experienced tutors at Marin Tutors teach important study skills, executive function and time management skills to keep your student at the top of their game. Proper note taking skills such as Cornell note taking method can help with test preparation. A good tutor not only helps with academic subject matter, but also incorporates time management skills which in turn leads to success. Our academic and organization skills coaches build strong rapport with students so that they look forward to seeing them the next session. With the right tutor, students will benefit throughout years to come from simple learning strategies.

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