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SAT/ACT Tutoring!!

Updated: Apr 3

More students are opting to take the SAT and ACT this fall. Will this become a significant part of making choices between Student A and Student B by college admissions officers? Although the UC’s are test blind, every private college and university will be looking at scores submitted by students. Those with high SAT/ACT scores can offset perhaps a lower GPA or fewer extracurriculars. Having a one-to-one SAT or ACT tutor can help teach students the tricks and traps of the test and use analytical thinking to see results. Applying to college, then, has never been more exciting -- when a bright student can not only present top notch GPA’s and extracurriculars but also submit high test scores, their dream schools become realities. Schools, also, must be predicting that there will be little change in the realm of test scores because they still insist on PSAT. Thus, we cannot truly be test blind as there must be a standardization metric to make admissions decisions. All private colleges and universities still encourage test scores.

Marin Tutors offers SAT and ACT services and fills the needs of students who are requesting it.

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