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What Makes An Effective Tutor?

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

Answer: passion for education, excels in math and written language , great communication skills, patience, and a proactive style of teaching.

Each student's learning style is usually very different. Do students prefer to learn through visualization ? For instance, do they have a better understanding when they see an example of how it is done rather than reading the directions? Do they enjoy working with analogies or metaphors in order to put things in perspective? Or, do they understand better when the information is given verbally?

It's important to practice active listening during each tutoring session. Listening not only allows students to express themselves better, but it also helps to see how they are making progress. Active listening focuses on the speaker's words and emotions. This not only ensures that the tutor gives a student their undivided attention, it also encourages them to share their thoughts freely.

Tutors should be aware that the student may seem to understand and grasp the homework, but may not be ready for the test or quiz. Giving a mock quiz or test before the actual real test can really make a difference in how the student performs. Overall , a prime tutor is a great listener, can adapt to a student’s learning style either visually or auditorily, and encourages challenging test taking skills.

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