With schools returning to in person teaching, now is an important transition for students

With schools returning to in person teaching, now is an important transition for students who may be taking midterms , trying to pass tests , writing papers , or struggling with homework assignments. Middle school and high school students have the added pressure of in-class quizzes, tests and the upcoming AP exams. Throughout the pandemic, there has been a large increase for in-person tutors due to the schools previously being placed on Zoom. Tutors assist with executive function skills, time management skills, test taking and all K-12 academic subjects.

Many students benefit from math and science support , as often the more advanced concepts are difficult to learn from only teacher or one set of eyes. Visual aids and hands-on learning through tutoring help kids grasp and understand new topics BC and boost confidence.

Marin Tutors provides tutoring, not only for academic subjects , but also for extracurricular and college level subjects such as computer science, creative writing, economics, and foreign languages. During the summer it is beneficial to have a tutor assist with online or in-person courses needed to fulfill high school graduation requirements. The summer is also the optimum time for middle and high school students to study for the SAT, ACT , SAT 2 Math, SSAT and HSPT for high school and college entrance. Marin Tutors helps provide that dazzling role model who kids look forward to seeing again and again. An experienced tutor will bring back the joy of learning , build rapport with students and provide the added bonus of increased grades and test scores . As this semester is quickly coming to a close and final exams are approaching , now is the pivotal time for effective tutoring for all ages.

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